Sacred Spaces

Round House

The Round House was build a couple of weeks after 9/11. We almost cancelled the workshop because of 9/11 and then realized that it was actually the perfect thing to do: bring people together to build. It taught us an important reality about grief, that amazing things can eventually come from the ground of grief. Our straw bale teacher, Bob Bolles, taught us all the important things to know about building a straw bale building.  The tribe that worked on this building were impacted by the community working together and some have stayed connected to Pine Manor all these years later.

Earth Mama

The Earth Mama was built and sculpted by Michael Leach, resident artist. She was a combined vision of both Michael’s and Gail’s. Gail saw an Earthen Mama when she did her Watsu training with Elaine Marie at Spirit Lake near Harbin Hot Springs. That Mama sat by the Lake and you could see her from the row boat. 

This Earth Mama has a straw bale base and is sculpted out of cob by Michael. She came in as a piece of art and now sits as Earthen Goddess representing Gaia, Mother Earth, in earthen form, guardian of Pine Manor.

Wind Phone

The story of the Wind Phone was told by Mark Nepo at one of his retreats.  It is the story of a man in Japan who lost many friends and family members in the major tsunami of 2011 when his village of 20 thousand people was destroyed. He pulled an old phone booth onto his property and put a rotary phone in it. The line to the phone was cut. He began calling loved ones lost in the tsunami.  Others began coming to call their loved ones. Thousands of people have come to this Wind Phone in Japan to call loved ones who have passed on. This is a beautiful story of grief expressed and honored. 

In 2017 Pine Manor lost an important member of our family. Michael Sieck, Ph.D. was a therapist and founder of The Three Fold Way who passed away after a difficult battle with cancer.  Michael and Gail co-created many retreats and workshops at Pine Manor for over 20 years. 

This Wind Phone is built in honor or Michael~ friend, co-creator and teacher.

Journey of Your Soul

Pine Manor is home to a marvelous meditation walk with seven stations, denoting seven archetypal steps in the journey of every human being.

Before  —  Birth  —  Childhood    Threshold    Adulthood    Elderhood    After