Earthen Buildings

Cob Jr.

Cob Jr is a tiny earth building made of Cob and built in a series of workshops, including one that was created to teach women how to build their own Cob house.  One woman who attended  went on to build her own place.  Cob Jr. is right next to Cob Sr.

 The interior plaster in this building was all done in “patty cake” style  by just patting hands against the moist clay plaster, leaving hand prints as a texturized finish. Cob, Jr. been used as a writing studio and as a space personal retreat space.

Cob Sr.

Cob Sr. is the very first earth building designed and built at Pine Manor.  Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley, well known cob builders from Oregon, were our teachers. Cob Sr. is an earthen room with a built in window bed and a fireplace.  This cozy space can be used as a meeting room and for meditation and reflection. 

It is also the favorite space for massage, especially in winter when the fireplace adds a cozy warmth.  There is a certain calming magic about receiving a massage in an earthen building. It’s as if the clay walls hold layered presence of so many healing and restorative experiences.

The Round House

The Round House was build a couple of weeks after 9/11. We almost cancelled the workshop because of 9/11 and then realized that it was actually the perfect thing to do: bring people together to build. It taught us an important reality about grief, that amazing things can eventually come from the ground of grief. 

Our straw bale teacher, Bob Bolles, taught us all the important things to know about building a straw bale building.  The tribe that worked on this building were impacted by the community working together and some have stayed connected to Pine Manor all these years later.

The Hobbit Hut

The hobbit hut is a tiny earthen building built with cob and tree tunic beams with a metal roof.   It is a hybrid building that demonstrates combining light clay, straw bale and earth filled bags all used in the creation of one space.  The round door on this structure was designed and built by Michael Leach.