Beautification of Pine Manor

Check out the recent developments on the property!

Journey of Your Soul

The next time you visit Pine Manor, be sure to walk the seven stations of the Journey of Your Soul! These meditation spaces represent the archetypal stages in the journey of every human life. 

Each station is designed to hold the energy of the stage to which it corresponds. A bench accompanies each location, offering a space for meditation and reflection.

Before  —  Birth  —  Childhood  —  Threshold  —  Adulthood  —  Elderhood  —  After

New Strawbale Building

Pine Manor’s latest building project is a new strawbale structure, where the Watsu pool once stood! The project has been moving along step by step, and beginning to look like a finished space. It will be used for retreats, workshops, and ceremony.

Michael helped to guide the project through its initial stages, and Autumn has been in charge of community engagement and continuing the plastering process. Many hands have put their energy into this new sacred space!

Pine Manor Kids Camp

During the week of August 5-8, 2019, we held our first Kids’ Camp at Pine Manor.  We had 10 kids enrolled between the ages of 8 and 18. They gathered together to work on various projects that contribute to the Beautification of Pine Manor. Gail taught about how to recognize our innate value as human beings. Also, how important it is to repair hurts and misunderstandings and encourage connection based on a kid-friendly version of the Dignity Model by Donna Hicks.  Our world needs ambassadors who will model treating others with dignity. 

Michael Leach guided the kids in the painting of a 20 foot dragon mural that was installed at Pine Manor. Rebecca Richards was teacher/guide on various projects and she and Michael took the kids into our local hills for sunset walks each evening. Tacho and David built custom bird houses that each kid painted to take home with them.  A couple of the new bird houses were left at Pine Manor. 

We had planting projects that the children participated in around the Earth Mama and for the roof of the Hobbit Hut. During the afternoons we shared some fabulous documentaries on cats in Istanbul, migrating birds and raising chickens. Also we had outdoor movies on two nights of our camp experience.


Stonework Bench at the Earth Mama

June 2019 was a busy month at Pine Manor. In addition to hosting two retreats, many hours of work went into creating a sitting area by the Earth Mama. Teo Briseno was our guide and teacher in the process of using natural stone from the property to create a bench – a functional art piece. His website is Now people can be seated in front of the Earth Mama. This will be Station #2 in the meditative Journey of Your Soul walk. 

Teo worked with James Hubbell for many years and has helped us envision these sacred spaces. James Hubbell inspired Gail in the late 1980’s when she visited his home and saw other projects he had designed in San Diego. 

Autumn was our project coordinator. Mary, Gogo Thule and others volunteered at various points in the creative process. Both Michael Leach and Rebecca Richards, long-time friends of Pine Manor, helped us out as well. This was a full circle experience. It was one thread of inspiration in the early days at Pine Manor. Michael Leach was a resident artist during our journey. He has been an important part of the artistic canvas that is Pine Manor. Rebecca has listened, cooked for guests, volunteered, and has been a part of the Pine Manor family since the beginning. A huge thank you to all who have contributed!