Retreat Lodging

Main House Rooms

The main house has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and includes the “tree house,” which is a separate apartment with its own kitchen and bath that can accommodate 4 or 5 people.

Dream Catcher Room


This room is located off of the main dining room and has a sliding door to the outside patio. The queen-size bed and its comfortable linens is a favorite amongst our regular guests. The antique dresser can hold your clothes and hooks on the wall can be used for additional clothing.

Guests who stay in the Dream Catcher Room often sneak into the adjoining dining room for an early morning coffee and some meditative privacy before the others wake up. The quick access to the patio allows for star-gazing in the evening and a fresh breath of air in the morning.

Try staying in the Dream Catcher Room if you crave pockets of privacy in your days.

Zen Room

The Zen Room honors Japanese art and style.  The room features a private collection of paintings by Gail’s aunt, Frances Blakemore, who lived in Japan for nearly 50 years as a renowned artist, gallery owner, and art promoter.  This room features 3 single beds and a love seat for quiet talks.
Guests who stay in the Zen Room have access to their own private bathroom with a full shower.  A door to the back yard / rock garden is off the Zen bath room.
Guests who come to retreats without company often enjoy the Zen Room for the opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues. The peaceful setting of the room encourages the opportunity for both light and intimate conversations.

Peacock Room


The Peacock Room is decorated with a beautiful four-panel painting that helps bring in the sense of modern asian-inspired living. The room has a large armoire and a dresser for clothing.  The Peacock room is accessible from the front patio, allowing just the right amount of privacy from the main house.  There is a small desk in the room for working on a computer or writing. 

A half-bathroom is located just outside the Peacock Room for quick access and showering. This bath is some times private and some times shared depending on group size. 

Guests who stay in the Peacock Room love it for the windows overlooking the front of Pine Manor and the “tucked away while nearby” feeling it provides. Many who stay here enjoy returning to the Peacock Room during down times and reflective exercises.

Bird Room


The Bird Room reflects nature and African style.  The Bird Room has two spacious full-sized beds and a writing desk.  There is a large armoire that holds clothing and two chairs for reading or visiting with a roommate. 

There is a private bath attached to the Bird Room, but we didn’t name it “Bird Bath”, because it is much more spacious than a Bird Bath. The bathroom is freshly remodeled and is for the exclusive use of those staying in the Bird Room. 

Guests who stay in the Bird Room love its open and airy feeling. The large window adds to the feeling of connection with nature at the same time as it allows for privacy. Couples who come to Pine Manor often choose the Bird Room for the refreshing atmosphere and the private bathroom.

Plant Room


The Plant Room is decorated to honor plant life and provides a comfortable space for sleeping. The brick corner-wall and the window looking over the meadow space below give a sense of natural camp-life while still allowing for a clean and modern experience. 

There are two twin sized beds, a small desk with chair and a rocking chair in the room. This room has a cozy fireplace in the corner which warms the room on a cool night.  This room shares the main bathroom with the Porch Room. 

Guests who come with a partner or colleague often choose to stay in the plant room together. The Plant Room is one of our quietest spaces, and it offers quick access to the Main Meeting Room.

Porch Room


The Porch Room was at one time part of the porch and was converted to an extra room when the previous owners owned the house.  The porch conversion created high ceilings and a spacious feel.  There are two single beds and a third can be added if needed.  A writing desk is included and an outside door to the front patio. 

The Porch Room shares the main bathroom with the Plant Room. The Porch Room is in a trifecta of rooms together with the Plant Room and the Bird Room, allowing for socializing with your neighbors. 

Guests who tend to spend their time outside and on the patio often enjoy the porch room for its quick access. It is also the closest room to the main meeting space and just a quick dash if you forgot your notes in your room!

The Tree House


The Tree House is our most private space with an unbeatable view over the Cleveland National Forest. The Tree House is an exclusive studio apartment with its own kitchenette and private patio. 

The room holds a luxurious queen sized bed and a comfortable sofa and chair – both of which can be pulled out to serve as beds for larger groups.  There is a rustic wooden table that can be used  for writing or for eating.  The Tree House has its own bathroom with tub and shower.  The large patio is popular with guests for private reading time or open-air conversations. 

The Tree House is a favorite selection of many of our Group Leaders or for those who come together with friends or family. The spacious accommodations and kitchenette features allow for privacy and preparation time away from the rest of the group, a feature that many leaders need to give their best to their groups.

Additional Rooms

Along with the main house, there are a number of standalone buildings that are also available for larger retreats.

Infinity House


The Infinity House is a unique tiny house created using 80% recycled materials.  This tiny house is a beautiful example of creative living solutions for people who want to live simply and affordably. 

It has a sweet small kitchen with countertops that will surprise you. There is a queen sized bed, a surprisingly spacious couch & sitting area and a desk for writing or other projects.  You will enjoy the unique features in this tiny house. 

Guests who want to experience the Tiny House phenomenon love the opportunity to stay in the Infinity House. It is perfect for those who want to get a sense of a “little cabin in the woods.”

Heart Haven


Our latest addition to Pine Manor is Heart Haven. This cabin is set to hold 2 guests with plenty of space to relax, retreat, or focus on a creative project. There are two twin sized beds, a sitting area, and a large wood desk. Heart Haven is a complete space with its own bathroom and kitchenette area.

Guests enjoy a quiet and isolated room to return to after a full day of retreat activities. 

Enchanted Cottage


The Enchanted Cottage truly lives up to its name! Step in the door and be whisked away to a fantasy mural that sprawls across the walls and the ceiling. This sweet room was created as an extra sleeping space and often houses two twin beds for larger retreats.  

The Enchanted Cottage features a private bathroom and shower for those who choose to stay here. There is a dresser built into one wall and a small closet for clothing.  This room is on the outside edge of Pine Manor’s circular driveway and is next to the Infinity House. 

Guests who want a little extra privacy may choose to stay in the Enchanted Cottage. The two twin beds make it great for friends who want their own private room together!