About Pine Manor

Our Vision

Pine Manor is a sacred gathering place dedicated to reflection, personal awareness, learning and connection with others. Therapists, body workers, artists, energy workers, musicians and spiritual teachers bring their retreats to us and we provide a restful surround for their offerings.  The years of creative expression and energy that are visible in the grounds and living spaces add to the experience of being at Pine Manor.

We are located in the Cleveland National Forest between San Juan Capistrano and Lake Elsinore, California. In our busy and pressure-filled lives we need time away to connect with what is essential and to be renewed. What is needed for our soul is different at different times. It might be that we need laughter, understanding, empowerment, compassion, or strength. Or maybe we need quiet time or connection with others. Pine Manor is a place where we can find all of it.

Our Inspirational Canvas

In addition to the main house, Pine Manor features a unique cluster of small earthen buildings that have been built by many loving hands to demonstrate the use of various natural earthen building materials and possibilities. There are multiple cob homes (created from a mix of sand, straw, and clay), a straw bale round house, and a variety of hybrid structures incorporating multiple techniques. Every building at Pine Manor exists to be enjoyed, whether they’re used for teaching purposes, gathering for relaxation, or meditation.

Our Facility

Pine Manor is available for use by teachers and trainers. We have the capacity to host 10 to 24 people. The main house has 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and includes the “tree house,” which is a separate apartment with its own kitchen and bath that can accommodate 4 or 5 people. We host a variety of groups, including training groups, 12-step groups, Yoga groups, t’ai chi groups, and spiritual groups. We also host planning retreats for businesses and churches. For further information contact us at info.pinemanor@gmail.com.

Our Founder

Gail Warner, MA, MFT, is heart healer and hearth keeper of Pine Manor. This small retreat center sits at the top of a mountain between encroaching suburban sprawls. It is a gathering place and creative canvas for therapists, body workers, artists, energy healers, musicians, spiritual teachers, poets, and writers. Gail’s vision, along with her invitational and collaborative style, allows people from all walks of life to deepen their connection with self and others in this sacred space.

Gail is the “dream weaver” who imagined a place for spiritual and psychological exploration. The ongoing weaving of that dream is what continues to develop and grow Pine Manor. Her ability to give permission and encouragement has allowed people to find a second “home” at Pine Manor. It is Gail’s heart-centered care that has held the sacred space, along with the support of others who share her vision.


In addition to running Pine Manor, Gail has been a psychotherapist for more than forty years. She has accompanied others through the inner journey of unfolding inquiry, grief, discovery, and transformation. She has offered countless retreats that provide time to step outside the demands of life and focus on what really matters through self-reflection and creative processes.

In the fall of 2017 Gail published Weaving Myself Awake, Voicing the Sacred Through Poetry.  This book of poems expresses much of Gail’s personal inquiry as she began inhabiting elderhood. (Order on Amazon)

Over the years, Gail has led numerous retreats of her own, as well as many retreats with Michael Sieck, Ph.d, fellow therapist and founder of Three Fold Way.  Michael passed away in the summer of 2018.  His presence is still felt as teacher and guide to many who have participated in retreats and trainings over the past 20 years.  We honor Michael as wise soul who brought so much to the evolution of Pine Manor.

Currently, Gail facilitates:

  • Silent Retreat — a 5 day retreat, once a year.
  • Men’s group – twice a year @ Pine Manor
  • Women’s group – twice a year at Pine Manor.
  • Ongoing Group that has met for many years
  • Annual Women’s retreat in Washington State.

Mother, grandmother, earth mother, poet, dreamer, decades-long group facilitator, and body-centered psychotherapist, Gail guides others into deep connections with their soul and the soul of the natural world while endlessly and humbly walking the same journey herself.  If you would like to contact Gail about setting up a personal meeting, please feel free to contact her at info.pinemanor@gmail.com.

Our Staff


Margo’s love for cooking is evident in her amazing capacity to offer a balance of flavors that dance in your mouth as you sample meals at Pine Manor.  She provides some of our ongoing favorite choices along with continually adding new items to the menu so guests find a combination of old favorites along with new delights on the menu. Margo’s warm smile and friendly presence welcome people into their retreat experience as she pays attention to their individual needs.


Tacho is invaluable to Pine Manor as an all around “handyman.”  He has many skills that we draw from. He helps manage the property and has helped with numerous building projects at Pine Manor.

Tacho ’s family members make up “the Tapia Team” who can be called on for support.  They tend Pine Manor with a willing friendliness and a lot of hard work.  Tacho brings his broad knowledge, consistency and kindness to Pine Manor.   We are blessed to have him and his family.


Autumn is passionate about earth building, and has been a valuable asset in beautification projects and community engagement. From stonework benches and steps, to straw bale building and cob plastering, Autumn’s artistic touch has impacted Pine Manor in many ways.

You can see Autumn’s photography, ceramics, and film at www.autumn.vision 

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